Civil Infrastructure Solutions

M4A manufactures market leading innovative Polymer and Composite Infrastructure Solutions to the Civil, Municipal, Mining, Electrical and ICT Sectors. Our investments in Modern Composite Technology manufacturing assures high performance, world-class products. Our clients include Municipalities and Infrastructure Developers throughout the SADC Region and Comesa. Our focus is on precast and prefabrication, and to supply clients unique solutions with specific combinations of material designs.

– A market leading Composite Range of Manholes, Hand Holes, Access Points and Boundary Box Systems.

– Manhole Cover and Frame Sets for Municipal, Electrical, and Water Infrastructure Supply.

– Composite Kerb Inlets for lasting Road Infrastructure.

Manhole Covers

Manhole 630mm – SANS 1882 HD DMC 2A/2B Lid and Frame

Type 2A, Circular Solid Cover and Frame – Heavy Duty

Size Height Weight
630mm 126mm 74kg

Type 2B, Circular Solid Cover and Frame – Heavy Duty

Size Height Weight
630mm 126mm 74kg

Manhole 600mm – SANS 1882 MD DMC 4A Lid and Frame

Type 4A, Circular Solid Cover and Frame – Medium Duty

Size Height Weight
600mm 75mm 27kg

Square Manhole Covers – SANS 1882 LD / MD

Sizes – Covers and Frames Weight
300mm x 300mm – Light Duty 10kg
14B (450mm x 450mm) – Light Duty 24kg
9A (600mm x 600mm) – Light Duty 67kg
9B (600mm x 600mm) – Medium Duty 68kg
9C (600mm x 450mm) – Light Duty 40kg
9D (600mm x 450mm) – Medium Duty 52kg
900mm x 900mm – Heavy Duty 169kg

Hydrants and Valve Boxes

Hydrant Boxes – Type 5

Sizes – Rectangular Hydrant Box and Cover Weight
395mm x 320mm 34,2kg

Valve Boxes – Type 3B

Sizes – Circular Valve Box and Cover Weight
130mm – Heavy Duty 8,2kg

Petro-Chemical and Geotechnical Products

Monitoring Well Box – Round Weight
165mm – Heavy Duty 7kg
Monitoring Well Box – Square Weight
165mm x 165mm – Heavy Duty 7kg

Gully Gratings

Gully Gratings are customized to client requirements.
Custome size is available up to 1.22m by 3.44 (3.66 when available).

Fibre Reinforced Polymer Gratings

Custom Sizes available up to 1.22m, 2.44m or 3.66 on availability.

Stormwater Catchpit Inlet Sets

M4A has developed and perfected an innovative dough moulded formulation that combined with the most advanced moulding techniques and equipment, guarantees consistent production and quality. No steel or cement is utilised in this process.

The DMC Kerb Inlet components include, Kerb Inlet Slab with I/O and lid, Kerb Inlet Slab Plain/Solid, Kerb Inlet Splay (left/right compatible) and Kerb Inlet Beam.

Catchpit Slab with opening Weight
1200mm x 1200mm – Extra Heavy Duty 155,8kg
Inlet Curb Weight
1200mm – Extra Heavy Duty 36kg
Inlet Splay Weight
1200mm x 1200mm – Extra Heavy Duty 77kg
Catchpit Slab solid Weight
1200mm x 1200mm – Extra Heavy Duty 171kg

Sewer Manholes

Specialised Fibre Cement (F/C) manhole design which is suited to areas of
high water table. The design offers a sealed manhole.

Dolomite Sewer Channels

Glass re-enforced concrete is a strong durable mix of fibre-glass, cement,
and dolomite aggregate. Dolomite aggregate is used for the superior
resistance to corrosion as experienced in sewer systems.

Mining Channels

Underground water is often channeled away by means of half-round, or semi-circular channels. The problem facing the installer of these channel systems is ease of use and economics of any system offered. M4A manufactures a light weight, easy to use, and robust system.

Pre-cast Concrete Plinths

M4A concrete capabilities include a
range of standard plinths for the electrical
contractor, as well as special items
manufactured to order.

Steel and Other Fabrications

Our internal fabrication capabilities allow us to extend our concrete offering to custom
steel fabrications to supplement our other product ranges.

Polymer Concrete Products and Specialised Concrete Solutions

Onsite capabilities allow manufacture and handling of units up to 20T, with a daily
output capability in excess of 200T. Our in-house design, engineering certification and
mould fabrication capabilities ensure speed to market of prototype and product. We are an SABS listed producer of Polymer Concrete lids and frames for civil and municipal infrastructure. Polymer Concrete Composites are the modern replacement for cast iron, and has no resale value thus eliminating theft.

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